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Mon, 01 Apr 2002 14:11:08 -0500
From: trickor treat
Subject: Cock WorshipperThis is a story of how I was humiliated and turned into a cock worshipper.
I am 18 and a senior in high school. I will graduate in May. I am 6 foot
tall and about 145 pounds. My name is Ned. Well me teen porn naked girls and three of my
buddies Tracy, Mike, and Duane were in this contest to play paintball war
games. We went one Saturday to this contest. We did porn website teen not do very well.
The guys did not say anything but they blamed me for losing. Well they
decided to practice at Tracy's house in his woods before entering another
contest. We got to his house and we decided to go out in early teen nudes
the woods and
play chase. This means one person is a fugitive and the other 3 are
chasing him. We drew names and I was the fugitive. We played for about 15
minutes and they captured me.They tied me up. My hands were tied behind my back and my feet were tied
together. They put a blindfold on me as well. They made me get down on my
knees. Tracy the leader said, "Ned you made us lose last week teen girls masterbating porn and now we
are going to torture you and make you a obedient soldier. Do you under
stand Ned he asked? I nodded but he that was not the right response. He
slapped the back of my head. I replied yes sir.I could not see anything. I could just hear them mumbling. I heard them
all walk up around me and I could fell them rubbing something warm on my
face. Then Tracy told me that I would suck each one of them off. He the
said that he would not tell the order or which person would be first. He
told me to open my mouth. I was so scared.The dick was forced into my mouth. Man #1 grabbed the back of my head free teen porn lists and
begin to push his cock in and out. At first I was very nervous but after a
couple of minutes I begin to get hard. I could feel the big head pushing
in my throat. His pubic hair was brushing against my face and I could feel
his balls slapping my chin. He then pulled back and laid his balls on my
lips. I was told to kiss them and use my tongue on them. I also was told
to stick my tongue out. When I did he beat his cock head on my tongue. He
then pushed it back in my mouth and begin to fuck my face really hard. I
could feel his cock head grow bigger and bigger. Then a jerk and several
spurts gushed out in my mouth I could do nothing but swallow. The taste
was salty but I enjoyed it. Man #1 pulled out and a dry dick was then
forced in my mouth. This cock was not as long but it was fatter. He
pumped my mouth. His rhythm was much faster he lost his load very old teen porn
He must have cummed a gallon. He just kept on spurting. He let out a gasp
and pulled out. He wiped his cock head on my chick. The 3rd Man slammed
his cock in very quickly. I could still taste the cum from man #2. His
cock was about 9 inches long. He tried to kill me with every thrust. He
unleashed his load in my mouth after about 15 strokes. He pushed he head
all the way in my throat as deep as it could go and it just dripped down
the back of my throat. He pulled out and I did not hear anything for about
two minutes.Then the blindfold was taken off me. Tracy said to Ned from now on you
will do exactly as you are told. He then asked me if I liked sucking
dicks. I just hung my head. He then said he expected an answer. I said
yes sir. He asked me if I could guess who's cock I sucked first, second,
and third. I told him no. He then made me take a guess. I missed all
three. Then they all pulled out their cocks and made me lick each one with
my tongue. I had three cocks under my nose at once. I told Tracy that I
would suck off their cocks again if he would untie my hands and legs. I
also asked if he would remove the blindfold. He said no. I was forced to
suck them off again. They let me go and I was so horny. On the way home
all I could think of was the taste of cum in my mouth. I jerked off
thinking about which dick was which. I could not sleep at all. I decided
to call extreme teen gay porn
Tracy up and ask him if he wanted free teen porn lists to go out and go cruising. I had
a different plan I was going to suck him off. He told me to come by a get
him. We went to the mall and rode around. We just talked. I finally got
up enough nerve and ask him if I could suck him off. He said ok. We went
to the park. I eased down between his legs and licked his balls and his
long shaft. pink teen sex
I French kissed the head of his cock. I went even lower I
lick his ass. I then sucked him off. I swallowed every drop. He jism was
so sweet. Well went back cruising and after about an hour I asked him if I
could suck him one more time before we go home. He told me yes but he said
that he would drive and I could suck on him while we drive home. When we
got to his house he told me to get out and go around back of the car and
pull my pants down. He then pushed me over the deck lid a fucked my ass.
He was about to cum and he spun me around and forced me to my knees and I
sucked my ass juice off his cock. Then he exploded a huge load of jizz in
my young underage teen porn mouth. I cant wait until I do my other two buddies.
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